About me

As a Freelance web designer and developer dedicated to creating commercial and genuine relationships to help businesses grow.

Some of my valuable clients...
Lola Waterman
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About Ritik

Owner, Aneri Developers

Dedicated to creating commercial and genuine relationships to help businesses grow.

With 5 years of experience, I specialize in earning the trust of others. As a freelance web designer and website developer, I have mainly worked for small, medium, and large-sized companies.

I had a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Aditya Silver Oak Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad. In 2021 I was selected as a preferred freelancer on freelancer.com, which is for the only top best freelancer on the platform.

I’m really enjoying meeting new people and learning about their lives and background.

He is super cool, completed my project in one day and he was very helpful throughout the process. Can’t wait to work with him again.

Ismail A., South Africa
He has a very professional approach when it comes to work. Completely reliable and flexible for your project. He is very hardworking and makes sure ,all the required details are covered. He is willing to listen to the feedback given and adapt accordingly. He is also friendly, easy going and very helpful. I would highly recommend this gentleman to anyone looking for one of the best web designers on Freelancer to complete your project. I will definitely be using his services again. Thank you
Our project required flexibility as client will provide feedback as it rolls along. Rutvik was excellent in joining as a team member. He is expert in WordPress and different plug-ins required. He was able to provide suggestions on different plug-ins to use and configured them expertly. The data migration was tedious but Rutvik completed without fail. Excellent work!
Daniel M., Hong Kong