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A personal website! Do you know the meaning of this? The perfect platform to show, how creative and passionate you are. And I have the best personal website ideas for that.

No matter which field you belong to, having a personal website benefits you in so many ways. Whether it’s creativity or skills, you can show your awesome work portfolio and innovative ideas to everyone.

And the most important thing is, it helps to boost your career. 

First of all, who can create a personal website?

And the answer is… Everyone! 

Whether you’re a student, employee, digital marketer, website designer, graphic designer, story writer or photographer, a perfect website design defines your personality.  

But, the question is how to do it right? Don’t worry, if you’re passionate about your work then, I have the creative and best personal website ideas.

Before that, let’s discuss… 

How many types of personal websites?

 According to my point of view, there are 4 major types.


A resume website is mostly useful for Job hunting and includes your work, achievements and a personal profile. 

Work Portfolio

In which you can show your extraordinary work, your past work reviews and much more other stuff related to work.


My favourite one! Because you can show your writing skills by making a blog on any topic like travel, food, products, photography and many more topics you love.

Personal Brand

The personal brand includes your freelancing work, online shop, business or sometimes it defines you as a brand. 

Now you can clearly understand that a personal website reflects your personality and your ideology. 

So, let’s discuss some unique and best personal website ideas.  

What should you include in your amazing personal website ideas?

Now, I’m going to discuss amazing ideas for a personal website design.

Stunning Home Page Design

The home page reflects your identity on the website. Simply readable and stunning home page design attracts people.

A perfect home page includes an introduction, creative work profile, testimonials, contact details, social media links, and your content. If you make a stunning home page then, people will look into your website for things related to your work.

Overall, a perfect home page design describes your ideology and personality.

Click here to see my home page. 

Informative About Page

The about page on the personal website should be informative and helpful for website visitors. Share about everything related to your work profile, business, your hobbies or interests and creative ideas.

If you make your about page unique then, people will love to engage with your work or business. 

The purpose is to make it easy for people to connect and work with you by showing who you are and what you do. 

Attractive Work Portfolio 

One of the most important personal website ideas. Because a work portfolio describes your skills, creativity and perfection. 

Whether you are a photographer or fashion or graphic designer, if you display your work then, it’ll increase the value of your skills and make people trust you. 

An attractive portfolio improves your credibility and increases your chances of gaining more customers. Overall, it attracts people to your creativity.


Just like a portfolio, testimonials establish the credibility of your website. It helps to build trust and improves business. Testimonials give strong details about your services and products.  

Testimonials are widely helpful for the person who is running the business or commercial online store because it helps customers to look forward to buying something. 

In other words, Testimonial gives brand promise to people who visit your website.

Blog Posts

The best personal website ideas are to make or add a blog post.

You can write about anything like your work, business, art, creativity, hobbies, travel, food or much more other stuff. A highly recommended idea because people love to read about something new every time. 

A blog describes that you have something new and unique. So, it increases personal brand. 

Social Media Links

Online presence is the most important thing right now. It helps to build networks with professionals and increases communication with customers. Also, social media marketing is one of the important things in the digital marketing sector.

So, having social media links on your website benefits both businesses and customers.


Content is the most important part of any type of website. If you want to increase website traffic and make your website stand out from others then, this is the best personal website idea. 

Always remember one thing, “Content is the King”.

Unique, high quality and creative content increase your website traffic and search engine rankings. Overall, it helps to grow your website and business both. 

So, let’s see some examples.

Top 10 Best Amazing Personal Website Examples

Here are some of the best personal website examples. 

1. Gary Sheng

Resume type website
Credits: Gary Sheng

What you will find: Resume, Portfolio, Personal Brand

A simple resume types personal website with so much information and creativity. It includes logos and designs with perfect details. So, check this one for more information related to your resume and personal brand website. 

2. Thalida

Personal Brand Website
Credits: Thalida

What you will find: Work Profile and Personal Brand 

A Plenty welcome page with creative design. She’s a software engineer and has been running this website since she was 16 years old. Her educational background, work experience and hobbies, are everything you will get on her website and these are helpful personal website ideas.

3. Coffee Table

Blogging website
Credits: Coffee Table

What you will find: Blog

Another example of a personal website and It’s a professional website with a smart and creative design layout. Blogs are related to a curated collection of 128 coffees tastes and facts.

4. Louise Amelie Whitehouse

Portfolio website
Credits: Louise Whitehouse

What you will find: Portfolio

A personal website always helps you to do something unique. Louise’s website shows how you can show your interests and work to the world. We can see a pretty good photography portfolio and a love for travel on her personal website.

5. Raewyn Brandon

Graphic design portfolio
Credits: Raewyn Brandon

What you will find: Personal Brand and Portfolio

This is another example of a portfolio personal website. Raewyn’s portfolio creativity attracts clients and visitors to her graphic design works. Good maintenance and past projects in perfect layout help potential clients to understand her work.

6. K. Sparks

Personal Branding
Credits: K. Sparks

What you will find: Personal Brand

He is a hip-hop artist and shares everything that relates to his music. His website is simple and easy to navigate every piece of information related to him. The music playlist, videos and online store are available on his personal website.

7. Tobias Becs 

Football Freestyler Personal website
Credit: Tobias Becs

What you will find: Personal Brand

Tobias is a world champion soccer freestyler. On his personal website, you can find videos of freestyle and his social media accounts from which he makes the most out. The design of this website is outstanding. So, check this one for design purposes.

8. Marie Forleo 

Story telling website
Credit: Marie Forleo

What you will find: Story and Blog 

Marie Forleo’s personal website describes her uniqueness and personality. She’s a story writer and her about page describes her writing skills to visitors. Her website is easy to navigate. You can find old and new stories with lots of social photos and proof.

9. Simply Tabitha

Blogger website
Credits: Simply Tabitha

What you will find: Blog

This personal website is an example of Tabitha’ lifestyle blog. She writes blogs related to her daily lifestyle. In which hair and beauty products blogs are well known. Also, Some inspirational blogs are inspired by her real-life experiences provided on her website.

10. Gary Vaynerchuk

Brand Website
Credit: Gary Vaynerchuk

What you will find: Personal Brand

Gary’s personal website is a perfect example of how you should connect with people. His website structure attracts people to get more engaged with him by providing every little detail. Also, what you will get explanations are very appreciable in his social media links.

So, these were the Top 10 personal website examples. 


Now, you understand how important a personal website is for everyone and these are the best personal website ideas. If you are interested in making one of your websites then, tell me and if you want some amazing ideas for the website then click here.

If you follow the latest design trends then it’ll help you in website design otherwise contact me for any queries or problems, I’ll be happy to help you and comment down and share if you like these ideas.

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