51 Latest Web Design Trends In 2022

Website Design Trends

The best website includes responsive design, informative content, fast-loading speed and a better user experience for an excellent appearance on the web. However, the latest website trends always help to increase the appearance of the website. 

Web design trends change every year with some impressive features and elements. In which Mindful Design, Content and User Experience are major elements of the website design.

So, let’s discuss the latest website trends in 2022. 

Web Design Trends

The important elements in web design trends are as below.

1. Accessibility

Accessibility is a very important factor in website design. It is important to customize the website according to customer behaviour and experience. Having a site with good navigation helps the visitor to find what they are looking for. 

Good accessibility increases user experience and SEO, which helps to boost your website traffic. You can increase your accessibility by putting label instructions, perfect navigation and strong colour contrast between background and text. 

2. Interactivity in Website

These web design trends increase connectivity between customers and the website. Interactivity helps visitors to get more information about your website. 

By providing an interactivity section you give value to your visitors and readers. Because you are offering a service that helps customers to get more engaged with you. 

Interactivity elements are as below;

  • Polls and Surveys
  • Contests 
  • Calculator

3. Organic Shapes

Organic Shapes Design
Credits : Davide Pacilio

The geometric shape was a big website design trend in recent times. But now organic shapes are the latest web design trend in 2022. 

  • Organic shapes are natural shapes and it’s better than lines and circles. 
  • This organic shape includes hills, patterns, the edge of the rivers and many other natural things. 
  • They differ edges and backgrounds from each other.     

4. Colours to evoke moods

Colours are impacting human behaviour according to a physiological study. So, using colours mindfully to evoke moods is a useful website trend. 

Below are some general feelings attached to colours. 

  • Light blue shows calmness. 
  • Red defines passion and importance. 
  • Dark blue shows trustworthy
  • Black is powerful 

5. Thumb-Friendly Mobile Navigation

Thumb-friendly mobile design

When we are using mobile, that thumb is doing all the work on mobile. So, Creating websites that are thumb-friendly are the latest web design trend. Just like responsive design, thumb-friendly mobile navigation is a very important factor in website design. 

So, make your website comfortable for mobile users by doing the below things;

  • Place the menu bar, contact buttons and navigation bar in the space your thumb can easily reach.  

6. Text Hero Images 

The top of the page is called the “Hero section”. Informative websites always put some important information in this section. This hero text catches the attention of website visitors.

So using hero text with some unique and attractive typography is better than typical background images.  

7. Data Visualization

Another web design trend 2022 is Data visualization. Which is a process to convert data into charts and graphs or some other visuals. It helps users to understand the content of the site easily. Here is an example of data visualization;

  • Short sentences
  • Big numbers
  • Clean backgrounds
  • Dynamic visualization

8. Dark Interface

Dark Interface
Credits: Penn and Teller

The dark interface is a low-light user interface. It creates the ultra-modern look of the website and reduces eye strain. And the dark interface is one of the best personal website ideas. 

  • Create accent colour highlights
  • Provides economical energy consumption 
  • Extends the life of the screen
  • Looks professional

9. White Space

White space is the latest website trend and it increases the readability of users. Because of white space, the content standouts and visitors can easily understand website content. So, It increases the user experience. 

10. Collage Illustrations 

Collage Illustration Design
Credits: Kalok Yeung

Collage style graphics give site illustrations an extraordinary look and feel. It gives more white space to the page and allows to set any images without focusing on the entire design. 

  • You can use different shapes, patterns and colours in collage. 
  • Filters and monochrome effects can make the website more attractive. 

11. Abstract Illustrations

The Abstract illustrations are organic designs that define human creativity. It is an ongoing website trend that helps your website stand out and feel like something unique to users. 

You can create this illustration by using pen and paper or software. Also different textures, paint, silk effects and watermarks can help abstract graphics. This illustration also helps to define your brand and company. 

12. Full-Height Homepage Hero 

Full-height Homepage Hero
Credits : Ritik Kachhot

Just like a text hero image, the full-height homepage is an oversized banner. Full-height hero attracts the attention of website visitors. But you have to keep below things in mind;

  • Crop images according to every screen and browser.
  • Define your brand or services in short words. 

13. Photos with Graphical Elements

You have noticed photos with graphics on social media. This combination of photos and graphical elements shows creativity and catches the eyes of the user. 

So, this website trend gives your brand attractive looks. The mixing of photography and graphics elements helps users to get more engaged with your website content and using these features in the landing page is more effective for business. 

14. Gradients and Colours highlights

Gradients and colours aren’t new web design trends but the evolution of using them as a highlight is an exciting thing about it. Also, You can do it below things;

  • Colour transition background
  • Smooth Monochrome transitions
  • Bolder and attractive typography

15. Custom Scrolling

We see that scrolling works vertically. But many companies are using this custom scrolling that helps users to get more comfortable viewing the content of the website. Custom scrolling using these two methods;

  • Horizontal scrolling – that is useful for mobile and tablets. 
  • All planes – are for every type of screen.

16. Minimalistic Design

Minimalist website design
Credits: Studio Steve

The minimalist website design is way better than the decorative elements on the website. The minimalistic design provides a better user experience and the user can easily understand the content of the website. It includes below things;

  • Provide fewer amount of navigation buttons
  • Simple navigation 

17. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the new web design trend in 2022 that provides realistic services to users about your brand or services. VR is a very powerful tool for websites to provide value to visitors by showing the content of the site in the virtual world.

18. Frosted Glass Effects

Frosted Glass Effect
Credits: HeiMaUX

The frosted glass effect is popular and widely used. It blurs and lightens the background of overlaid content. The advantages of frosted glass effects as shown;

  • Increase the readability of users.
  • Provides clean content.
  • Makes the website more attractive.

19. Cinema-style Homepage

The cinema-style homepage features a full-screen video of the brand or service. This homepage increases the user experience and provides a better understanding to the user. You can use the following things;

  • Use vignette effects 
  • Slow-motion videos 

20. Grids and Blocks

Grids and blocks are the latest website trends that allow visitors to find or navigate information easily. You can use blocks to create additional clicks and ways for website visitors to connect with you. 

21. Light/Dark Mode

Nowadays, users love to use dark mode. So, websites are using a toggle button that allows visitors to switch light or dark mode anytime. This feature increases the user experience. Apart from mode, you have to keep the below thing in mind before using this feature.

  • Your design should contain palettes for both modes. 

22. Split-Screen

Split-Screen website design
Credits: Get2knownoke

Split-screen design guides users perfectly. It gives equal importance to two areas of the website with perfect information. In which modern split-screen provides more functionality with attractive graphics and videos. The benefits are;

  • Promote specific content with better visuality
  • Gives an extraordinary user experience

23. Streamlined Logos

Streamlined logos are web design trends for 2022 because of their simplicity. It is far better than complicated elements. The best thing about these logos is their simple type and easy readability for the users. There are 3 ways for effective logo design; 

  • Define proper concept
  • Better graphics and
  • Simple in form 

24. Big Buttons

Buttons are key elements for each interface but big buttons provide better accessibility for your interface. It provides a good user experience and draws the attention of visitors easily. You can do it below things to get more attention of users;

  • Thumb-friendly buttons for mobile users
  • Easy to navigate
  • Size according to UI 

25. Behavioural Design

Another important and new web design trend is behavioural design. It’s all about creative and visual cues according to user behaviour. Also, behavioural design combined design, creativity and technology.  

A systematic understanding of user behaviour and providing a perfect user experience helps in behavioural design. 

26. Retro UI

Retro UI web design
Credits: The New York Moon

Retro UI increases gradually in website design. Retro UI brings on a sense of nostalgia. It makes your website stand out. Web designers are using retro style elements in e-commerce, fashion, travelling and portfolio websites. 

The 70s, 80s and 90s retro make the website unique and attractive. 

27. One-Page Website

One-page websites are best because they define the subject of matter on a single page. The user doesn’t need to navigate other pages because they find everything on one page. These websites are very effective due to their simplicity.

28. Responsive Motion Design

Responsive motion design is a website design trend and is important because it attracts users to the website and increases the user interface for all the devices. The advantages of responsive design;

  • Improves conversion rate
  • It boosts SEO
  • Attract audience
  • Low bounce rate and easy to maintain 

 29. Glass Morphism

Glass morphism is a modern UI web design trend that is currently very popular. Transparency, multi-layers, vivid colours and light borders are important elements of glass morphism. 

30. Low Neumorphism

Neumorphism website design
Credits : Filip Legierski

Neumorphism is different from other website designs because it makes navigation hard for the users. Neumorphism looks better but the style is bad for accessibility. So, for website design low neumorphism is important for a better user experience.  

Web Design Trends In Content

The content is important for a website and how users interact with content is more important. 

31. Smart Content Load

Sometimes content loading affects the website speed and user experience. So, smart content loading is important for websites. These web design trends improve user experience, conversion rate and ranking. 

Smart content load shows content you see on the screen and doesn’t load other or bottom content that many visitors don’t want to see. 

32. Personalized content

Personalized contents are the growing web design trends and the reason is that this feature boosts conversion rate. It’s more important for e-commerce websites. 

Personalized content works on users browsing history and sometimes location. Overall it increases user engagement, conversion rate, social sharing and builds a good audience. 

33. Dynamic scrolling

Dynamic Scrolling Effects In Website Design
Credits: Moooi

Dynamic scrolling gives a good experience for the visitors to your website. Dynamic scrolling gives a delightful feel to users, so they scroll down more content. The advantages of this feature are as below;

  • Increase user interactivity
  • It creates a 3D experience

34. Interactive 3D content

3D content provides good interactivity and experience. Interactive 3D contents are the latest web design trends that allow content in three dimensions and help users to understand the content easily.

For an e-commerce website, 3D content is most important and other websites also started this feature to increase more user experience. 

35. Vintage Colour

The vintage colours reflect the old era on your website and make the content more unique. Providing vintage colours with modern design draws the attention of users and increases the UX. 

36. Bold and Unique Fonts

Bold and Unique Fonts Web Design
Credits: Typewolf

Vintage colours make the website attractive but unique and bold fonts are important for content. It creates a unique appearance on the website. Heavy bold typography creates attention to readers and unique fonts are useful to highlight the important information and headlines.

37. Oversized Typography

Oversized Typography
Credits: Aneri Developers

This web design trend for 2022 is popular nowadays. Oversized texts are easy for readers and it draws the attention of users. Larger texts maintain the connection between content and audience. To get more effectivity below thighs are important;

  • Increase white space 
  • Choose perfect fonts 

38. Retro Fonts

Retro Fonts Website Trend
Credits: Cascade Brewery Bar

Retro fonts having oversized typography makes the website attractive. The designers use this combination to increase the user experience. These fonts create the perfect contrast for the background and make your content stand out from the rest.

User Experience Design Trends

User experience is an important factor in website design and this year it’s going to be one of the important web design trends elements. And, here is the list of important factors for the user experience that is important for web design trends;

39. Website Loading Speed

Quick loading websites and website maintenance are essential components for UX and SEO over the years and they are still web design trends. Because it directly affects the website traffic. Overall high-speed websites increase the user experience, performance and conversion. 

40. Lead Generation Forms

Lead Generation Forms In Website Design
Credits: Unmetric

Lead generation forms are an important factor for marketing websites. It attracts the visitors and converts them into conversion or lead. Lead generation forms build a potential audience and its emerging web design trends nowadays.  

41. Chat Bots

Chatbots have been popular for a few years and will continue their trend. Chatbots are improving day by day because of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This feature increases the user experience by providing easy navigation, contact and FAQs services. 

42. Voice-activated interface

In google instead of typing, now we ask questions to voice assistants. And this feature is an emerging trend in website design nowadays. More and more websites are accepting this feature to provide a better user experience for users. 

43. Video Presence

This web design trend is a very important and effective tool for online marketing. People love the presence of video. Videos with good purpose and meaning help users to understand the content of the website easily. You can use the below things to get more attention from users;

  • Quality matters
  • Go short
  • Fast loading
  • Eye-catching 

44. Gender-neutral Design 

This website trend offers a neutral design to gender. Many websites are opting for this feature. For example, e-commerce websites have started using this design. 

45. 3D Design

3D Design
Credits: Fly Platoon

The 3D designs aren’t new web design trends but their importance is gradually increasing. The three-dimensional design of typography, images and art are improving the user experience. 

  • The 3D design draws the attention of visitors 
  • Increase the SEO
  • Keeps user engaged with the website 

46. Cursor Actions

Cursor actions are widely used in website design nowadays. These cursor actions produce effects when users click or scroll in your website. The website with these effects makes the user scroll down more. 

47. Micro Animation

Micro-animation is an impactful element that guides users to interact with website content. These micro-animations are the latest web design trends for e-commerce business websites

  • Improves navigation
  • Increases user interactivity
  • Help people to engage with the website 

48. Micro Interactions

Micro-interaction is small animation that offers immediate feedback to users based on actions. These micro-interactions create a positive effect on the user due to smooth interactions. The main purpose of this small animation is to guide the user intuitively. 

49. 3D Animations

3D animations are the web design trends in 2022 that describe content easily to users. These 3D animations are more attractive and look realistic. It allows users to interact in an immersive way with business. These animations provide faster and simpler communication for any kind of detail. It improves the business and user experience. 

50. Shadows and floating parts

Compared to 3D animations, shadows and floating parts are simplistic but effective. It creates an illusion in a given space and creates an impactful experience for users. It increases the brand level and makes products more recognizable for users. 

These effects are most useful in comparison to 3D effects and animations. Overall it attracts and draws the attention of the users on your website. That’s why these are web design trends in website design.  

51. Changes while scrolling

The aim is to create an ideal story interactively. The scrolling effects give a delightful experience to users and guide them to load more content on your website. 


After analyzing this information I can conclude that creative and attractive functions are important in web design this year. Some website trends are old but it’s more revolutionary than others. Overall, the web design trends in 2022: Fast, Clean and Eye-catching 

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