Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends [Strategy For 2022]

Digital marketing trends

Digital marketing trends are changing every year with some new strategies. Especially after the pandemic, it is increasing with some exciting and important trends in social media, paid advertising and SEO.

Here are some stats that show how digital marketing is growing in the past 2 years.

Global digital marketing ad spends in 2021: $380 billion and according to some sources, it’ll grow more in upcoming years.

In 2020 digital marketing increased 2.4 % in digital advertising spending but in 2021 it touched a massive increase of 70% in ad spending according to Emarketer. (As I said, Digital marketing is growing more after the pandemic)Z

Also, US social media advertising spending reached a huge $43 billion in 2022 which is 20% more than 2019.

The states show that digital advertising is growing rapidly. It is important to stay updated with trends to face the high amount of competition.

Digital marketing trends for 2022

As digital marketers, we have to change and adapt to the constantly changing trends. This affects the strategy of engaging and selling to the customers.

So, here are the digital marketing trends that you should follow in 2022 to succeed as a digital marketer because this year is going to be a saturated environment for digital marketing trends.

1. Provide shoppable content

According to some stats, 6 million blogs are published daily and over 2 billion annually [ High competition level as I said]. The fact is that not only quality content but shoppable content is required for better conversion and rankings.

The people out there need fresh, informative and valuable content. Provide better content to stand out from others and everyone knows “Content is King”.

And this is the most important part of E-commerce websites.

Here are the tips:

Illustrate the data in your content.

Because the data provides perfect information to users and it can help them easily to understand your content.

Share your experience

Share your experience and others experiences of the products and services because users like the reviews of others.

Fresh data is necessary.

Update your old content because it is better to write than a whole new article. Provide fresh information to stay updated with the high competition. This method can give you high rankings in google search results.

2. Use most of the PPC platforms

Use most of the PPC Platforms

In digital marketing, several factors are essential for PPC marketing such as Advertising platforms, targeted audiences and budget of advertising. So, deciding where to invest is important.

Spread your business through most of the PPC platforms. Using only Google ads will not help to reach out to all the customers. You can use Facebook ads, Microsoft ads, Instagram ads and Twitter ads.

The use of multiple PPC platforms helps to maintain advertising campaigns without any fear of algorithm changes in respective platforms.

That’s the reason for using all the PPC platforms are digital marketing trends in 2022.

3. Optimize for mobile

Optimize for mobile

For digital marketing, Mobile devices are “King” because it’s the most important go-to source for digital marketing strategy. As per the sources, people are spending an average of 4 hours on the internet daily. That’s why optimizing for mobile is the crucial factor.

Mobile users are most important for the PPC campaigns. According to research, 70% of paid impressions occur on mobile devices and this is the reason why every website needs a responsive design. It is also a web design trend that every web designer should follow.

4. Video ads

Video ads are important to get more attention from the users. Youtube ads are a massive platform for video ads to create brand attention and increase the conversion rate.

The idea is to create video ads for brand awareness by doing display advertising and remarketing. And here is the strategy for the video ads:

Short video ads

Short videos are more effective for mobile users because it generates more brand awareness in users. As per the analysis, “25% of adults close the video ads after 10 seconds”. So, short and simple video ads are very useful for better brand awareness.

Perfect CTA

Guide the audience through a good call to action that drives more traffic to your website for better conversion.

5. Advertise in video games

Display ads in games

The COVID-19 pandemic is the reason behind the revolution in the gaming industry. The gamers are spending more time playing video games after the pandemic. It is one of the useful platforms for perfect display advertising.

Consider the below strategy for displaying ads format according to the gamer’s behaviour.

Interstitial ads

Show these ads during the game breaks.

Reward ads

Showing reward ads for mobile app consumption.

Banner ads

Banner ads for retargeting by showing traditional banners of the brand.

6. Voice interface

Voice interface is a very brilliant technological invention that is widely trending in web design trends, UX/UI design trends and digital marketing trends. Asking questions or queries by speaking is a more comfortable and efficient way for the users.

Google, Alexa, Cortana and Siri are the widely usable voice assistance. You can target the audience by adding long-tail keywords and questions-oriented keywords into your advertising group.

Final Words

As a digital marketer, you must adapt to digital marketing trends continuously and find ways to grow the business of your clients. To prepare yourself and your business for future growth, keep these trends in mind and if you have some new strategy then use it and share it with us.

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